Here is an example of how to edit and improve your scary story 
- Click here

Story starters

Checklist for feedback

You have followed the instructions - Choosen a text, show what text you have based yours on,
started developing your choosen text.

You have given the story a name.

You have a clear structure with a beginning, middle and end.

You have used a varied language, for example started your sentences in different ways.

You have used descriptions / adjective

You have included at least 10 new words

You have double checked your work to find spelling a grammar mistakes and corrected these.

You have given and received feedback from a friend

Weekly planning

Week 3
Francis – A short film: You watch the film and practice new words. You write a news article about what happened.
Listening comprehension – UR Wraithlook

Week 4 
Introduction of your Portfolio assignment: 
· Choose one of the stories on the padlet that you wrote in pairs before Christmas.
· Develop and improve the story
· You can use this basic story structure: Introduction - problem - solution - conclusion.
· You should write a minimum of 1 page and no more than 2 pages
· Use the checklist to make sure that you have done everything
· Present your story by recording it. Remember that you are writing a scary/exciting story which means that your presentation needs to emphasise this. You can for example add sound effects.
· Share your recording with your teacher.

Week 5 
Portfolio – writing

Week 6 
Portfolio – writing and recording
Give and receive feedback

Week 7 
Portfolio - Hand in your text and your recording.

Week 9
Thursday: Portfolio - Hand in your text and your recording.

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