Week 21

Listening comprehension: 

You are going to watch the following video and answer the questions:

Reading comprehension:

Read the following texts and do the activities before and after. 

Movie analysis - Remember the Titans
Week 13
Character Worksheet (Notes from last week)
Writing a review
A movie review is a short summary of the story as well as what you thought about the movie
and why. It should entertain, persuade and inform, providing an original opinion without giving
away too much of the plot.
You should answer the following questions in your review:
To read an example of a review: click here
Include at least 10 of the following words / phrases in
THIS DOCUMENT in your review.

Info about the film:

Week 11:
Write down your answer to at least one of these 3 questions.

There are words to help you.
1. Coach Boone states the following during his first team meeting. ―
“This is no democracy. It is a dictatorship. I am the law. If you survive camp, you will be on the
team. If you survive.”
As a player on Coach Boone‘s team, how would you react to this statement? Is
ruling with a strong hand a successful leadership method?

(Useful words: I think / I believe / always / never / in my experience / perhaps / you should /

2. What does Coach Boone do in an attempt to bring the team together? Have you ever been on a
team? Did your team function (fungera) as a unit? Why? What qualities were present and/or
lacking (borta)?

(Useful words: camp / together / share rooms / talk to each other / angry / training /
come together)

3. As a leader, what can be done to foster (uppmuntra) unity? What are the qualities of an
effective leader? Can you give examples of good leaders that you know? Why are they good?

(Useful words: A good leader should / in my experience / treat people / equal / try hard /
easy / difficult )


Give example of a scene ( and describe the scene) where you can see the following themes:
Racial Tensions  / Overcoming racism


Week 10:
1. To read a summary of the film - Click here

2. You are going to read this text about American football. 

- Answer the following questions:
a.What shape is an American football field?
b.What is the aim of the game?
c.What is a touch down?
d.Each side is divided into three units? What are these units called and what do they do?
- Read about what the players wear (by clicking on the links):

- Write a short summary of the information that you got from this page. Describe the game and what the players wear.
Name you text: Facts about American Football


Week 5:

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